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Innovations You Can Touch!

We look forward to presenting our new highlights to you at our in-house exhibition May 3 - 7, 2010. You will receive a personal presentation of the innovative new developments available from betec.

Here is a brief look at the standouts:

1. We present the roller machine S255 to you as an outstanding cutting innovation. The special feature of this machine is our unique new development, the "carousel head". Indulge your curiosity and test out the S255 in our production demonstration.

2. The new cutting machine S122 offers chipless cutting for the price of a saw! See the precision of the smaller version of our well-known S144 in the live presentation.

3. We always provide you with the first looks at the technology of tomorrow at our in-house exhibition. This time it is in the form of a brand new material for elastic tensioning. See for yourself today what will revolutionize elastic tensioning in 2011.

















View our production of welded stainless and normal steel pipes up close. Witness the "bending and retrofitting" procedure on a 12-axis bending machine. In addition, we will show you the expansions to the radial forming machine AE 80e. All of these processes take place on fully electric bending and chipless forming machines, which means an end to oil leakage and energy savings of up to 50%.

Be right at the center and not off to the side when the inventors present 20 years of ingenuity! We warmly invite you to attend. We open between 8am and 6pm.
Please make an appointment for your personal viewing per telephone at
+49 (0) 79 63 / 90 30-0, Ms. Zühlsdorf or per email at

Sincerely Yours,
betec Team

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